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Bra Sizing

It is a commonly held view that 70% of women are wearing incorrectly sized bras, although research carried out by Figleaves, the internet lingerie supplier, showed an even higher figure.  In addition, manufacturers size differently, so one brand’s 34DD might be another brand’s 34E.  Bras from outside the UK often have completely different sizing schemes.  In-store fitting is costly, can result in queuing and is embarrassing for some women. Continue reading

Multiple Fermenters – Control and Data Acquisition

Electrolab manufactures fermenters for bioscience research.  Each fermenter contains up to 4 pumps, an agitator and various sensors, such as thermocouples, a pH sensor and dissolved oxygen meter.  Control and Data Acquisition Software written for Electrolab by a LiveWires LabView developer can control and log data from up to 8 fermenters simultaneously. Continue reading

Characterisation of Optical Materials

In conjunction with engineers from Microsharp Corporation Ltd, LiveWires has built two “goniophotometers” (one of which is shown above) for characterisation of optical materials.  A collimated light source is shone through a sample, and the transmitted light collected by a detector.  Using Aerotech rotary stages and motors and National Instruments data acquisition hardware, the sample and detector are scanned through a series of pre-specified angles, to build up a 3D picture of the optical transmission properties of the material under test. Continue reading

Anti Skid Unit Test

Aircraft Braking System Europe Ltd manufacture an anti-skid system which is a much more sophisticated equivalent of the ABS system found on cars.  These systems are extremely rugged, capable of withstanding extremes of temperature and very reliable long-term.

To ensure this reliability, extensive electrical tests need to be performed, both of the individual boards and of the whole system when fully assembled.  Until recently, these tests were performed with a manual test set.  Electrical connections were made by hand along with the operation of numerous switches and potentiometers.  Values read from meters or from an oscilloscope were recorded by hand on a results sheet.  The whole process would take an experienced engineer around 4 hours to perform, depending on the test. Continue reading

LabVIEW Programs Other Cool Features

Simulation Mode

For a number of years, our LabVIEW programmers have written LabVIEW programs that can be configured to run in “simulation” mode or in “hardware” or “real” mode. “Simulation” mode means that the software generates dummy data rather than accessing any hardware, although otherwise it functions in the same way as hardware mode. It can be useful for our own debugging and diagnostic purposes. However, recently we have found that several of our customers are keen on using simulation mode for training and marketing purposes. Continue reading

Other Completed Projects

Details of these projects are available on request.
  • A program for the development of infrared measurement algorithms
  • A program for vibration analysis in ships
  • A program for the testing of drug delivery devices
  • A program for the testing of anaesthesia machines
  • Programs for 3 different companies for testing valves used in aircraft Continue reading