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Security and Passwords with LabVIEW

Security Levels

Many of our customers require password-protection on certain parts of their programs. Below is an example of a log-in screen from a recent program. There can be any number of “security levels” (although it is common to have “operator”, “engineer” and “administrator”) and passwords may be assigned for each user or for each level. If left in a high level inadvertently, the software can be made to drop down to the lowest level after a period of inactivity. Continue reading

LabVIEW Programs Other Cool Features

Simulation Mode

For a number of years, our LabVIEW programmers have written LabVIEW programs that can be configured to run in “simulation” mode or in “hardware” or “real” mode. “Simulation” mode means that the software generates dummy data rather than accessing any hardware, although otherwise it functions in the same way as hardware mode. It can be useful for our own debugging and diagnostic purposes. However, recently we have found that several of our customers are keen on using simulation mode for training and marketing purposes. Continue reading