LabVIEW Development Support

At LiveWires, we pride ourselves in supporting you at all stages of your project:

  • making sure we understand your requirements at the start
  • ensuring that you know we understand your requirements for your LabVIEW development project
  • specifying the data acquisition equipment you require (if appropriate)
  • ensuring we understand how to communicate with other devices
  • pricing the work competitively (as a fixed price or at an hourly rate)
  • estimating timescales realistically
  • designing the software carefully
  • finalising the user interface with you
  • communicating with you while we are developing the software to ensure that the finished product is what you want
  • testing the software thoroughly with your help
  • fixing any software issues that are discovered after the completion of the work (in fixed-price projects, this is normally free of charge for 12 months)
  • being available indefinitely to answer questions and to make enhancements or upgrade drivers etc

Thanks to modern communications technology, we are usually able to respond to customer support requirements within 24 hours. We generally offer a 12 month warranty on both software and any hardware that we supply. Support beyond that (should it be necessary) is usually charged at an hourly rate.

LabVIEW Development with Remote Support – Instantly

One of our capabilities is connecting to our customers’ computers over the Internet using TeamViewer. This enables us, when necessary, to take complete control of a remote PC, which in turn means we can:

  • diagnose and fix software problems
  • transfer software updates
  • interact with users of the remote PC with a “chat” facility (which is sometimes more convenient than telephone)

Providing Support  & Help at all Stages

TeamViewer has proved highly popular with our customers because it enables us to respond to their needs very quickly. We regularly connect to systems around the world with TeamViewer. Note that firewalls are invariably not an issue with TeamViewer, which uses port 80 on the remote PC. Almost any PC that can connect to the Internet can connect with TeamViewer.