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Expert LabVIEW Consultants, Developers & System Integrators

Expert LabVIEW
Consultants & Developers

A National Instruments Alliance Partner with 28 years experience

LiveWires are experts in developing custom LabVIEW solutions. Supporting you with PC-based process control, automated test and system monitoring.

We work with you to gain a clear understanding of your project. Designing and developing an efficient solution, implementing your ideas and supporting new innovation for optimal performance.

We have over 28 years of experience comprising more than 200 highly successful LabVIEW projects for leading companies and universities around the world.

LabVIEW Development, Start to Finish

Helping you with your in-progress LabVIEW projects

Connecting to Devices and Sensors – Systems Integration

Upgrading Old LabVIEW Software

Training, Tailored to Your Needs

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  • Our work will exceed your expectations in functionality, ease of use and maintainability
  • Our projects are completed to rapid timescales with cost effectiveness.
  • We have unparalleled technical expertise, gained through a huge range of applications
  • Our excellent professional communication skills will support you throughout the whole process to gain the best possible outcomes for your project, team and organisation.
  • If you have (or want to have) in-house LabVIEW programmers, we provide TRAINING in LabVIEW development, at all levels, tailored to your needs to further their LabVIEW skills.



Supporting You at All Stages of Your Project

Here’s what you can expect from LiveWires:

Understanding your requirements

Understanding your requirements

We discuss your project in detail at the start so we fully understand all the functionality you need and how the software should communicate with all parts of your system.

Pricing & Timescales

Pricing & Timescales

We will price the work competitively, at a fixed price or an hourly rate. Timescales will be estimated realistically.



In collaboration with you, we finalise a user-friendly LabVIEW user interface

We also design the software to be as configurable as you need it to be – to cover all your needs



We develop to software whilst continuing to communicate with you to ensure that the finished product is what you want



We test the software thoroughly with your help until you are fully satisfied



We remain available indefinitely, e.g. to answer questions, to make enhancements or upgrade drivers.


We respond to customer support requirements within 24 hours.

We offer a 12-month warranty on our complete LabVIEW programs and any hardware that we supply.

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