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LiveWires – an Expert LabVIEW Consultant

Two Excerpts from Our Customer Testimonials

“Tim is a brilliant programmer with a deep understanding of the physics & engineering behind systems function and operation. He is a team player and pulls out all the stops to deliver against tight deadlines. Tim also provides ongoing field support for our systems in N America, China and Europe.”

“This project might never have gotten off the ground without Livewires Automation’s help. This is the kind of help you want and hard to find in this day and age. They figured out a great software package for me and were willing to help at odd times and on weekends. I am really pleased with the results.”

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Introducing Matthew Bannister

We are delighted to announce that Matthew Bannister has just joined our team. With Matthew’s background in marketing & business development, with experience in small tech companies, we believe he will be an excellent match for LiveWires.

Matthew will handle most marketing activities and will assist more generally with our specialist Tim’s work in LabVIEW. LiveWires hope you can all share in our enjoyment and anticipation for this amazing new chapter in our history.

If you need to contact Matthew, his email address is

Had a Hard Time With a “LabVIEW Expert” in the Past?

Have you had a difficult experience with a so-called LabVIEW expert? Not all LabVIEW programmers are equal – far from it! (There are some articles about this here.) Our LabVIEW expert, Tim Fellows, has a proven track record, having written almost 200 LabVIEW programs, mostly for process control and automated test (ATE), over the last 27 years.