Testimonials for Livewires Automation

Note that until recently, LiveWires was called Automation Interfaces Ltd!

LabVIEW Certified Freelance Developer:

I hired Tim’s services to convert a LabView application that I had written into a web application for the University of Liverpool’s Physics Department. Tim understood very quickly our requirements and even proposed some improvements. He not only has a deep knowledge of the LabView software, but also of the physics behind the project. It was a real pleasure to work with him and I was very pleased with the results.

Ricardo Torres
Project Manager, University of Liverpool
8th October 2021


We have called upon Mr Fellows’ LabVIEW expertise on a number of occasions and truly hope we can continue in doing so.

Tim is a true master in analyzing the software challenges we are facing, even with little information. He will constantly make suggestions on how to tackle the issues and improve the software architecture.

The result of his programming efforts are subroutines which are extremely user friendly and which integrate smoothly in our software environment. All of this is done in the shortest time imaginable.

Bottom line: we couldn’t be happier!

Bart De Wachter
IMEC, Belgium
30th September 2016


Tim has worked on a number of projects for the University of Waikato (NZ) since 2010. These projects have ranged from re-writing the code for existing scientific equipment to writing code from scratch to control a new piece of equipment.

Tim has made these jobs easier for us because he has been able to gauge the requirements of the projects from talking to our scientists and with minimal drawings has been able to estimate programming costs. This has allowed us to make budget applications.

Tim’s latest project for the UoW was for the control and operation of an infrared gas analyser. This has entailed the control of the analyser, AdLink USB DIO modules and Zaber linear motion slides. He has done this admirably without ever physically seeing any of the equipment.  How did we get on before things like Skype and TeamViewer?

Thank you Tim. I’m looking forward to the next time we work together on a project.

Peter Jarman
Technical Officer, University of Waikato
7th August 2016


“I have contracted Tim Fellows on various projects over the past 20 years, primarily providing control systems for electron beam & sputter vacuum deposition systems and plasma sources for assisted deposition. In total Tim has worked on circa 20 of our systems now deployed worldwide. 

“Tim is a brilliant programmer with a deep understanding of the physics & engineering behind systems function and operation. He is a team player and pulls out all the stops to deliver against tight deadlines. Tim also provides ongoing field support for our systems in N America, China and Europe.

“Moreover he is fun to work with.”

 Professor Des Gibson
Director – Thin Film Solutions Ltd
8th July 2016


“This project might never have gotten off the ground without Livewires Automation’s help. This is the kind of help you want and hard to find in this day and age. They figured out a great software package for me and were willing to help at odd times and on weekends. I am really pleased with the results, I don’t have to worry about anyone questioning my testing or doing it better.”

Project sponsor
Measurement of Sound from Recreational Firearms
4th May 2013


“We have been very pleased with the quality of the work undertaken by Automation Interfaces [LiveWires].  We have found them to be both competent and easy to work with.”

Michael Callaghan, Lecturer, School of Computing and Intelligent Systems, University of Ulster
Remotely Programmed Distance Learning System
3rd Nov 2004


“Automation Interfaces [LiveWires] has greatly reduced the complexity of our functional test programs, reducing product development time from a few weeks to a few hours !! They have totally managed the project, working with our engineering staff to ensure a seamless integration of our traditional test methodology with their software.  There has been no compromise to productivity or quality of testing during the development of the project.”

Mike Jones, Production Manager, Sanken Power Systems
End-of-Line Testing of Power Supplies
31st Jan 2002


“As well as producing high quality LabVIEW programming in a short period of time, Automation Interfaces [LiveWires] provided considerable technical input to the software specification.”

Peter Davis, Cryogenics Engineer, Oxford Magnet Technology Ltd
Data Logging Software
19th Oct 2001


“The automation of our Goniophotometer has infinitely reduced the amount of time we spend collecting data and has provided us with a reliable and versatile apparatus to perform a variety of optical measurements.

“The user interface, designed by co-operation between Automation Interfaces [LiveWires] and Microsharp, is very easy to use.  Complex data is presented visually such that it is instantly understood, plus, data can be stored and easily retrieved for comparison with other data.”

David Tinson, Project Leader, Microsharp Corporation
Characterisation of Optical Materials
15th Nov 2001


“The adoption of a LabVIEW based ATE has significantly reduced turn-around-time and manpower overhead.Without the assistance and guidance from Automation Interfaces [LiveWires], we would not have been able to create a working system in the timescales necessary to meet the demands of the Airworthiness Authorities.”

Trevor Parkinson, Manager, Anti-Skid, Aircraft Braking Systems Europe Ltd
Anti Skid Unit Test
11th Nov 2004