LabVIEW Doctor – Remote Support Consultant

Stuck on a programming task?  Deadlines to meet?  Need a Certified LabVIEW Remote Support Consultant? Get “live” online help with our LabVIEW Doctor Service and make your project a success!

Contact a Certified LabVIEW Technical Consultant

Seasoned professional Tim Fellows is happy to give online assistance using TeamViewer. TeamViewer, which will cost you nothing, allows Tim to see your screen, show you how to do things in LabVIEW and even add code into your program.  To aide communication, TeamViewer has real time chat. video and audio features.  (The video uses your webcam and the audio requires microphone and speakers.)  It will be almost like having Tim right next to you.

Certified LabVIEW Remote Support Consultant -LabVIEW Doctor


  1. Email Tim at with brief details of what you are doing and suggesting a time for the online assistance.  Tim will reply confirming the time or suggesting another time.  (If Tim does not feel he can help, he will say so at this stage!)
  2. Download and install TeamViewer.  Since you will be using the server side of TeamViewer, you can install the non-commercial free version.  (We have paid for our copy.)
  3. Let us know your TeamViewer ID and password (found on TeamViewer’s main screen).
  4. Ideally, we need an audio connection – either via phone or with TeamViewer’s VOIP facilty.  If we use the latter, you will need to set up a microphone and a webcam if you want to use one.  If you prefer not to use audio communication, we can use TeamViewer’s text-based chat facility.
  5. Before the online session, make a payment on PayPal for at least one hour of assistance.  (This is our minimum charge.)  The amount per hour is GB£85.  Add VAT if you are in the UK.  To make this payment to our account, you will only need the email address associated with the account, which is  If you prefer not to use PayPal, contact us for our bank details.
  6. Call or email when you are ready for Tim to connect with TeamViewer.

Take the stress out of your project by calling the LabVIEW Doctor – we all need a little help sometimes!