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Expert LabVIEW Consultant & Systems Integrator

At LiveWires, we specialise in LabVIEW Development work- Helping you with a complete project, or one you’ve already started

At LiveWires, we specialise in LabVIEW development work – either complete projects or helping organisations with projects already started.

Most of our clients are developing something new and we aim to make this challenging process easier for them by the service that we offer.  

We take the time to fully understand their needs and goals and we work with them to ensure that their precise requirements are met.  With this approach, we are pleased to have developed many long-term business relationships and we would love to help you as well, if we can.

LabVIEW Development, Start to Finish

Helping you with your in-progress LabVIEW projects

Connecting to Devices and Sensors – Systems Integration

Upgrading Old LabVIEW Software

Training, Tailored to Your Needs

Supporting Leading Research Organisations & Companies Around the World

For over 23 years, we have supported organisations in areas such as:

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Scientific Research
  • Cryogenics
  • Water
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biosciences
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Materials Testing

These organisations are based in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, China and Korea. For more information, see our completed projects section.  You can rely on us to solve your LabVIEW programming problems any time, any where (well… within reason!).

If you need a LabVIEW consultant or if you wish to find out more about our LabVIEW consultancy services, contact us using our contact page or call us on +44 1905 723568.

Alliance Membership with National Instruments

LiveWires Automation, is proud to have been an Alliance Partner of National instruments since 2000. This means that National Instruments recommends us to their customers as approved LabVIEW consultants to assist with LabVIEW development and systems integration.

Our Lead LabVIEW Expert & Director, Tim, has also maintained the Certified LabVIEW Developer qualification since 2004.

About Tim Fellows

Our Director and Lead LabVIEW Expert, Tim Fellows, is one of the world’s most experienced LabVIEW consultants.

After graduating from Cambridge in 1985 in physics, he worked for a number of years in 2 instrumentation manufacturing companies. It was during that time, in 1994, that he first began using LabVIEW.  

He joined a systems integration company in 1996, where he developed a number of LabVIEW applications for the company’s clients as well heading up the company’s team of LabVIEW Programmers.  

In 1998 he became Europe’s first LabVIEW certified instructor, outside of National Instruments itself, after passing a 2-hour exam in LabVIEW and a 2-Day presentation course.

In early 1999 Tim, set up LiveWires Automation, initially named Automation Interfaces Ltd, a company specialising in LabVIEW consultancy. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and continues to develop partnerships with organisations in the UK and worldwide. 

Supporting You at All Stages of Your Project

Here’s what you can expect from LiveWires:

Understanding your requirements

Understanding your requirements

We discuss your project in detail at the start so we fully understand all the functionality you need and how the software should communicate with all parts of your system.

Pricing & Timescales

Pricing & Timescales

We will price the work competitively, at a fixed price or an hourly rate. Timescales will be estimated realistically.



In collaboration with you, we finalise a user-friendly LabVIEW user interface

We also design the software to be as configurable as you need it to be – to cover all your needs



We develop to software whilst continuing to communicate with you to ensure that the finished product is what you want



We test the software thoroughly with your help until you are fully satisfied



We remain available indefinitely, e.g. to answer questions, to make enhancements or upgrade drivers.


We respond to customer support requirements within 24 hours.

We offer a 12-month warranty on our complete LabVIEW programs and any hardware that we supply.


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