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Firearm Sound Measurement

Firearm Sound Measurement

Completed project

A company recently asked us for a LabVIEW expert to write a program for acquiring sound from recreational firearms.

The object was to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of suppressors.  The system contained a PXI system from National Instruments (PXIe-1073 chassis with PXIe-6124 card) together with a specialised microphone and amplifier from G.R.A.S. Sound and Vibration and a laptop fitted with an ExpressCard.

The software performs a triggered acquisition. When a certain (configurable) sound level is exceeded, the sound for a user-defined period before and after that event is displayed and recorded.  The user can display the results in Volts, Pascals or (instantaneous) Decibels.  Up to 4 firings can be overlaid for comparison in the Results tab. A range of fireams and suppressors are being used in tests.

As we had hoped, the software shows a clear and measurable difference between suppressed and unsuppressed firings. The software development was performed entirely from our office – using TeamViewer to connect to our customer’s system.

Firearm Sound Measurement
This project might never have gotten off the ground without Livewires Automation’s help. This is the kind of help you want and hard to find in this day and age. They figured out a great software package for me and were willing to help at odd times and on weekends. I am really pleased with the results, I don’t have to worry about anyone questioning my testing or doing it better.