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Online Student Learning

Online Student Learning

Completed project

The School of Physical Sciences at the University of Liverpool required an online “app” for students. This app demonstrates an effect called Wakefield Acceleration – where photons can be used to accelerate charged particles under certain conditions.


LiveWires was chosen to develop this app. We enhanced a piece of existing LabVIEW code and transferred it to LabVIEW NXG 5.1 so that the web application could be built.

Students are able to “fire” the photon (shown as a red circle) and the app shows it being accelerated by a photon. By selecting different conditions (amplitude, wavelength etc) the students are able to optimise the acceleration achieved.

LiveWires produced both PC and Mobile versions of the app for the university.

Online Student Learning

I hired LiveWires' services to convert a LabView application that I had written into a web application for the University of Liverpool’s Physics Department. Tim [LiveWires Director] understood very quickly our requirements and even proposed some improvements. LiveWires not only have a deep knowledge of the LabView software, but also of the physics behind the project. It was a real pleasure to work with them and I was very pleased with the results.