SCADA Program for Multiple Fermentation Probes

In 2010, our LabVIEW programmers wrote a comprehensive SCADA datalogging program for a manufacturer of fermentation probes.

SCADA program example - fermenter live screen Live Screen Showing Fermenter Summary

SCADA program exampleSaved Data Screen Showing 2 Fermentations For Comparison

The Saved Data Screen shows “events” for each fermentation in the grey “bars” at the top and bottom of the screen. These events are added at run-time by the user.

SCADA Program Feature Summary

  • Up to 128 fermenters connected by USB
  • Quick Start Wizards
  • New probes recognised in a plug-and-play fashion
  • Charting of live data
  • Adding of many types of “event” to the data
  • Fully configurable alarm system
  • Recall of saved data and comparison of 2 fermentations on the same graph
  • Printing and exporting of graph data
  • Resizable screens (live screen can show up to 15 fermenters, graphs expand)
  • Optional 3 levels of security
  • Optional virtual keyboard for touch screens.
  • Comprehensive licensing system
  • Uses (free) PostgreSQL database
  • Help facility