LabVIEW Systems Integration

At LiveWires LabVIEW Consultancy we provide the expertise to integrate systems with multiple components.

PC-based systems comprise a number of components, both hardware and software:

LabVIEW Consultancy for Systems Integration of multiple components

The process of bringing such components together is called “systems integration”. In some projects, we only develop the software, but in others, we specify and set up data acquisition equipment from National Instruments, and in others we deal with component purchasing, rack assembly and wiring so that we can supply a complete “turnkey system”.

Many organisations have had their fingers burnt in system integration.

Although experts in their own fields, they have found they have lacked the variety of skills required to integrate such systems. Difficulties can typically arise at the interface between two or more of the components where it can be tricky to diagnose problems.

Surprisingly, even so-called system integrators can lack the variety of skills required to provide a high quality service. For example, a company comprising predominantly instrumentation engineers may struggle with the software required for a complex system.

Here at LiveWires, our LabVIEW developers work closely with National Instruments (the world’s premier supplier of data acquisition hardware) and with local engineering companies. Together, we can supply all the pieces of the jigsaw to make what you require.

For examples of systems integration, see these pages on this site: