Vacuum Process Control Program

Applied Microengineering Ltd (Oxfordshire, UK) produces systems that perform a vacuum-based process and these are supplied to a range of industrial sectors worldwide. The systems are controlled by one of our programs and we continue to support the software as the systems are enhanced over time.

bonding-processAutomatic Bonding Control Screen


Vacuum process

Dual Camera View Screen

One stage in the process involves alignment of tiny marks – the dark marks with the light ones in the screen shot above. The pairs of cross-shaped marks are simulaneously aligned by a combination of pattern recognition, image processing and ultrafine motor control. Using algorithms developed by LiveWires, the system can be trained to align almost any reasonable shape of mark and the software works out the alignment accuracy even though the marks overlap when aligned.

Feature Summary

  • Many options so that all machines use the same program
  • Option for robotic sample handling
  • Compact FieldPoint
  • Automatic or manual processes
  • Recipe building for automatic processes
  • Pressure control
  • Temperature control and ramping
  • Configurable pattern recognition
  • X, Y, Z and theta motion for alignment to micron accuracy
  • Force control
  • HT current and voltage control